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Little Yellow House

Finding Community in a Changing Neighbourhood

An extended love note to a notorious neighbourhood. In this series of poignant and honest stories, Carissa introduces readers to her neighbours— cat rescuers and murder victims, community activists and sex workers. Each one help readers discover the beauty, tragedy and power of compassion in their own communities.

Little Yellow House: Speaking

Finalist: Robert Kroetsch City of Edmonton Book Prize

Little Yellow House: Welcome
Little Yellow House: Testimonials

"Halton clearly delights in interacting with people from all walks of life; her interest and empathy sparkle throughout. Her tone is factual, nonjudgmental, and often wryly funny. Little Yellow House is a balanced presentation of a diverse community in transition, complete with faults and growing pains... Little Yellow House shows how real, sustainable community development can be built with a formula of persistent action, engagement with a wide group of allies, trust, layers of incremental successes, and a good sense of humor."

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